Introduction to Wardley Mapping by Chris Daniel

When (day):
9th - Tuesday
11:00 - 13:00
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Notable logs from the chat during the session

00:40:47 Dinis Cruz: For new joiners please go to
00:48:15 Avi Douglen: Should evolution be measured by the industry standard, ie what possibly exists - or according to our own implementation / adoption of known standards?
01:02:48 Chris D:
01:08:07 Avi Douglen: would it make sense to have domain-specific doctrine? eg generic, always-useful security principles. and then compare yourself vs competitors on those doctrine?
01:09:37 WallabyCurtis: That seems like it would be useful, for sure.
01:15:49 evanjones: That seems to be argument that SAP (its a monolith stack) and utilise say micro services to interact with a core product such as SAP Core engine?
01:16:18 Kenneth Haugland: Read the Strangler Pattern Martin Fowler regarding moving from monolith (sap with custom modifications)
01:17:35 Kenneth Haugland:
02:16:20 Kenneth Haugland:

About this talk:

You will get hands on experience with Wardley Mapping, which is a technique for building situational awareness.

Unfortunately, I can describe what is it for in a reasonable number of words, so please watch this talk instead


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