Infrastructure scan & Encryption

When (day):
11th - Thursday
14:00 - 16:00
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Notable logs from the chat during the session

14:35:52 From evanjones : Q.) What about Pulumi in regards to being used a IaC?
14:47:25 From Barak Schoster :
14:50:33 From Corcoran Smith : Checkov is The Answer
14:51:04 From Barak Schoster :
14:51:10 From Barak Schoster : brew tap bridgecrewio/checkov
brew update
brew install checkov
14:51:13 From Corcoran Smith : Checkov even works on Windows :wink:
14:59:52 From Corcoran Smith : Secrets in TF state are a massive headache, for sure. Sops, Hashi Vault both help here. 15:07:10 From Didar Gelici : can you show how to exit vim?
15:07:12 From Didar Gelici : lol
15:07:38 From evanjones : Or :wq if you want to save
15:11:33 From Didar Gelici :
15:11:34 From Didar Gelici :
15:12:06 From Corcoran Smith : Custom rules and store them in a GitHub repo? :wink:
15:36:21 From evanjones : Twitter handle?
15:36:31 From Barak Schoster : @BarakSchoster

About this talk:

Planning, provisioning, and changing infrastructure are becoming vital to rapid cloud application development. Incorporating infrastructure-as-code into software development promotes transparency and immutability and helps prevent bad configurations upstream.

In this talk:

  • We’ll cover the current state of infrastructure security in the open source registries.

  • From there we will continue to discuss best practices for writing, testing, and maintaining infrastructure at scale, keeping the infrastructure code secured using open source scanners.

  • We will cover infrastructure security use cases like encryption, public facing data entities and plain text secrets, And will show how to find those using policy as code.

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