Drinks and Persona Building: Creating Adversary Trading Cards (1st Session)

When (day):
1st - Monday
20:00 - 22:00
Zoom link will be available very soon

Training Session Video

Notable logs from the chat during the session

Mark Miller (@EUSP) (aka Senior Storyteller) walks us through the adversary cards created so far.
To create your character: go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecLEakawSQ56lBe2JOSbFwFYrKDCIN7Yd3iHFdQc5z8ApwdQ/viewform and to visually build the character:

About this talk

Join us for a fun social “outing” where we’ll introduce the people who created the personas for the first set of Adversary Trading Cards.

The contributors of the personas, including Chris Roberts, Brian Reed, Eliza-May Austin, Curtis Yanko and Bjorn Kimmimich will talk about the thoughts behind their creation of their card and where the attributes for the character came from.

We’ll then have the participants create their own Adversary Persona and add them to the deck.

It should be a fun evening. You’ll walk away with your own, customized Adversary Trading Card which might be chosen to be included in the “Official Set 02 Edition”.

The ultimate goal is to have a set of 100 trading cards printed, and available for trading, the next time we all get together.

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