Chef InSpec (Compliance as Code)

When (day):
2nd - Tuesday
14:00 - 16:00
Zoom link will be available very soon

Training Session Video

Notable logs from the chat during the session

14:28:00 From Joshua Jebaraj :
14:34:29 From Joshua Jebaraj :
14:58:12 From Mario : A Plan B, if someone wants it
14:58:19 From Mario : download the docker image
14:58:23 From Mario : Docker pull chef/inspec
14:58:47 From Mario : and then run commends as ‘docker run chef/inspec detect —chef-license=accept
14:58:54 From Mario : commands
14:59:41 From Mario : You always need to append the —chef-license=accept to every command, otherwise it complains
15:25:25 From Phil Huggins : This has been very useful, you got me to install Inspec at home and run it! But I need to go now. Good luck with the session.
15:47:53 From Rostom Zouaghi : are there any open projects that cover CSA CCM, PCI DSS, CIS controls out there?

Supporting website

Here is the workshop material for the Open Security Summit session on the Chef Inspec for compliance

Session slides


See website for more details on this tool

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