Vulnerabilities review of an Covid Application

When (day):
3rd - Wednesday
17:00 - 19:00
Zoom link will be available very soon

Training Session Video

Notable logs from the chat during the session
hackerone can give a little feel of what has been found already…
Also, we can get an idea of what is being looked for and what isn’t.
sudo docker run -it –name mobsf2 -p 8000:8000 opensecurity/mobile-security-framework-mobsf:latest
adb shell am start -n uk.nhs.nhsx.colocate/

This is section two of a three part exercise:

  • PART 1 - covid apps analysis 1st June 5pm UK We will talk about the privacy and security concerns of three implementations of tracking apps.
  • PART 2 - THIS SESSION We will look at the vulnerabilities of one of the COVID tracing apps
  • PART 3 - [covid apps threat modeling] { 18th June 8pm UK We will do a threat modeling exercise on contact tracing apps

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