Wardley mapping dynamic session

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17:00 - 19:00
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Mario PLatt

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Notable logs from the chat during the session

19:14:37 From Mario Platt : https://medium.com/@marioplatt/ quantitative-risk-management-with-fair-evaluate-loss-magnitude-557eb29407b7
19:16:56 From Mario Platt : https://medium.com/@marioplatt/ quantitative-risk-management-with-fair-stage-1-ransomware-scenario-d2e3a9d49b60
19:24:43 From André Ferreira : Interesting diagram, sounds newish
19:24:54 From Didar Gelici : and looks very good
19:25:10 From Didar Gelici : would work very well for people like me, visual
19:25:20 From André Ferreira : Makes sense
19:47:33 From André Ferreira : Mario, I for one, and being devils advocate or printer friendly would avoid colours altogether 19:48:04 From Avi Douglen : Andre the alternative would be different shapes?
19:48:06 From André Ferreira : Like the different the different arrows
19:48:58 From André Ferreira : I’m to new to this topic, but color blind people, printing, not a fan of putting colour 19:49:52 From Avi Douglen : agree with visually impaired being an issue. but it does contain a LOT of information. so we’ll need to find another option.
19:51:00 From Felipe Zipitria : Sorry, need to drop for a call. Will catch up on youtube afterwards
19:51:09 From André Ferreira : I understand the point, but thinking as a new person to this, so lets say, I’m a business person (MBA type of guy, familiar with loads of different matrixes), they will be annoyed if they can look at it and just get it. Ig you need to explain it further, they will fell dumb and dismiss it
19:51:27 From André Ferreira : If the can/can’t
19:59:33 From Avi Douglen : sorry about that
20:17:49 From André Ferreira : Colours here help Avi, go for it
20:21:05 From Didar Gelici : is this available as a template on draw.io? or is this what you built on top of a template 20:21:12 From Didar Gelici : @avi
20:21:47 From André Ferreira : I like regions, but would like to see a problem there, agains their positioning on the lanes 20:22:50 From Alona Reyes to Avi Douglen(Privately) : From Didar Gelici to Everyone: 08:21 PM
is this available as a template on draw.io? or is this what you built on top of a template
20:23:46 From Sarah C : I think if the regions were left with intuitive names, with the drill down available to individual components. Impressive, with possibility to simplify
20:24:46 From Avi Douglen : @Didar there is a template for wardley maps on draw.io, but I did have to improve it a bit here. 20:26:55 From Luis Servin : @Mario, will you share the outcome?
20:26:55 From Didar Gelici : thank you for confirming, I thought so :)
20:32:10 From Sarah C : FYI the newish, but very secure data storage solution I talked about is www. deep.-secure.com 20:56:31 From André Ferreira : Agree ye
From Mario Platt to Me: 08:33 PM Not sure what outcome there is here. This is literally a conversation ad exploration :) we’re not getting to any outcomes :)
21:01:18 From Luis Servin : I meant to ask @Avi whether he would share his wardley map 21:01:26 From Luis Servin : I found it very interesting
21:01:59 From Avi Douglen : @Luis I could, would just need to clean it up some more
21:02:06 From Luis Servin : Mario’s sabsa+two wardley Mario’s would also be great to have and study in detail 21:02:26 From Avi Douglen : and it is NOT a final approach :-)
21:03:37 From Luis Servin : I understand it’s not a final approach. I see it as a starting point
21:04:03 From Avi Douglen : yeah, haven’t quite figured it all out yet, already know a bunch of stuff I would have changed

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