How do I do it - Bring your own map

When (day):
11:00 - 13:00
Zoom link will be available very soon

Bring your own map and lets discuss it!

  1. Tony Richards - OSS 2020 Merchandise Map - the evolution of on-demand production of merchandise
  2. Mario Platt - China’s cybersecurity - discussion on politics in China, Mario’s Mapping project. China’s politics and view on the approach - group/individual
  3. Petra’s Map - personal goals, Universities as commodities.
  4. Ben Schofield - Discussion on his Map creation templete. Example on TV industry as users. Simon suggested not to ignore the public and it’s needs. Refining the scope and describing the steps. Simon: sometimes the problem is that companies cannot differentiate innovaton Ben Schofield: Securty standards are not to be taken as religion but to be customised for the organisation that you are in

About this talk:

After attending this useful session, you will be able to to create your own map by:

* Identifying your **users**.
* Identifying your users' **needs**. 
* Adding the **capabilities** needed to successfully meet those needs. 
* Determining the stage of **evolution** for each capability by evaluating its characteristics.
* Drawing the the complete **value chain**.
* And finally getting your own **Wardley Map**!

You will also explore the capability types, evolutionary characteristics and get even more useful information.

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