Threatmodel tool demos-Thursday

When (day):
11:00 - 13:00
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When choosing a threat model tool, you first need to know what the tool can and cannot do. In order to facilitate this we are organising a number of demonstrations of tools, each 30 minutes long.


Tool 1: CAIRIS by Duncan Ki-Aries

Tool 2: IriusRisk by Stephen De Vries


A recording of the functionalities at the moment of the summit

Notable logs from the chat during the session

13:41:36 From André Ferreira : At the start of the presentation I understood that CARIS offers a deviation in term of interpretation from standards like ISO 29148 (system requirements) regarding what an environment is (thinking system), what was your racional as I believe it might go against ISO 2382 (IT vocabulary) don’t have it to check.
14:01:34 From dkiaries :
14:02:21 From dkiaries :
arXiv Pre-print:
14:02:58 From dkiaries : Thank you all ;-)
14:17:04 From Avi Douglen : I love the new diagramming interface!
14:42:24 From Avi Douglen : Jira for threat models!

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