Secure it at the source, frameworks and how to get them more secure

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11:00 - 13:00
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Notable logs from the chat during the session

13:15:48 From Ben Schofield : Python, NodeJS, AWS Lambda
13:17:27 From Ben Schofield : React, Serverless,
13:25:08 From André Ferreira : It’s ASCPI ?
13:25:16 From Andrew van der Stock : ESAPI
13:25:24 From André Ferreira : cheers
13:26:05 From Alona Reyes to Andrew van der Stock(Privately) : From André Ferreira to Everyone: 01:25 PM It’s ASCPI ?
13:38:09 From Andrew van der Stock to Alona Reyes(Privately) : \scaling-appsec-at-netflix-6a13d7ab6043
13:38:17 From Andrew van der Stock : 13:38:21 From Andrew van der Stock : ESAPI
13:41:50 From André Ferreira : Participate in developer conferences
13:42:44 From André Ferreira : The day to day pressures to deliver, where the quickest developers to find a solution that can make money for the company tends to win, which also forces up the chain less quality developers
13:44:03 From André Ferreira : You would probably not be surprised by the surprise some developers do get when you grab their solutions and demonstrate an injection: why would you ever do that? That of course coming form mid level and junior developers 13:46:17 From André Ferreira : University curriculum advice or collaboration would be anohter
14:32:40 From WallabyCurtis : A security view that takes and compiles all of the positives (false or not), and allow the viewer to sort based on what they know about what the actual vulnerabilities would and wouldn’t be.
14:36:55 From André Ferreira : I wouldn’t attend unless I had to use AWS
14:37:12 From André Ferreira : It has to be related to Day on day, yup

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