Open Information Security Risk Universe (OISRU)

When (day):
14:00 - 16:00
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  • What’s the Universe?
  • Putting it into Practice
  • Use Cases

OISRU: Risk Framework for Risk Taxonomy and structured approach for risk identification.

Sources + Events + Consequences

Sources: accidental insider, ineffective insider, criminal external… Events: abusive content, availability interruption, information gathering… Consequences: non-compliance, safety failure, slow recovery….

Use Cases

  • risk statements
  • risk scenarios
  • graphing

Risk scenarios:

  • narrative form
  • stakeholder communication
  • business-context

Risk statements:

  • structure
  • comparison
  • practitioner comms

Examples presented.

Scenarios in breakout rooms: Maersk/NotPetya Equifax TalkTalk German Steel Mill Cyber Attack

Bow tie diagrams

Incorporating OISRU in Risk Graphs Risk vs Opportunity Q&A - Where do the vulnerabilities come in - Risk aggregation - Risk titles - Look out for same instances of the same risk - Risk Registers


OISRU as a framework for risk identification

Objectives today:

  • Introduce participants to OISRU
  • Incidents
  • Use cases

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