Martin Brian

Senior Developer, Glasswall

I develop and implement software using mainly C, C++, and Python.

I have extensive experience of C, where I paid particular attention to writing portable, ANSI/ISO-compatible (i.e., well-defined) code; this is my intention in whatever language I use.

I have several years experience of using Python and C++. I used to code in Perl.

I have been a software engineer since I started at GEC-Marconi in 1987. where I worked in the Signal Processing and Displays department converting pseudo-code into Coral 66. On promotion I learnt C and developed software on an ALP8, a Motorola based processing card. The work involved converting incoming radar formats into a standard format for further processing.

I also did contract work for a company where I designed and coded a menu system on an 8051-based system for an industrial chemical laundry, where the real-time function in the software was to give precise deliveries of chemical pumps at the same time as processing data for subsequent pumps to be processed. The design, using state tables and diagrams, proved very useful for the customer and for code maintenance.

At Pitney Bowes I designed, maintained and coded in C for the company’s franking machines. I also wrote a lot of object-oriented Perl to analyse the data captured by the machines.

Four companies I’ve worked for have asked me to write their C Coding Guidelines.

Specialities: Strong C, used in embedded systems (mainly middleware and application level, but experience of low-level too); Use of structured software engineering, including State Tables, State Diagrams, Table-driven Design; Writing clean, maintainable code. Also, strong Python and experience of C++.

Also, I have experience of Object Oriented Analysis & Design.


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