Working session checklist

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Required roles

[ ] Organiser: keep the working session on track to reach its objective

[ ] Note taker: take notes of the proceedings and outcomes/key takeaways

  • Create the outcome slide(s)
  • Timekeeping:
    • Introduction
    • Main discussion, presentaion or workshop
    • Wrap up, outcomes/key takeaways
    • Questions and answers

[ ] Remote participation facilitator: ensure remote participants are involved in the working session:

  • Open the remote participation bridge (Meets, Voom, etc.)
  • Set protocols for remote participation, including;
    • how to notify the organiser you want to contribute
    • how to submit your notes, outcomes/takeaways

Checklist for starting the session

[ ] Assign roles (see above)

[ ] State the working session objectives

[ ] Activate remote participation link

Wrapping up checklist

[ ] Finish with time to capture outcomes

[ ] Agree and capture outcomes

[ ] Outcomes sent to