Organisers' Duties

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1. What is the role of a working session organiser and what activities will I be responsible for?

Being a working session organiser allows you to create something special at the Summit, and the energy you bring to your working session will impact its success. The organiser’s responsibilities are to:

  • Create the most productive working environment for participants
  • Provide the vision for the working session content and
  • Deliver meaningful outcomes.

2. How do I ensure a productive working session takes place?

As the organiser, you should have a clear idea of what will happen during the session, as this will allow each session to produce something tangible and workable.

Organisers should create detailed action plans and to-do lists that are easy to build on before and during the session. We recommend GitHub Issues and Projects.

Organisers should collaborate with the registered participants of their working sessions to identify and define the ‘Outcomes’ of their session(s).

3. Can you give me some examples of possible outcomes?

Possible outcomes/deliverables include:

  • Diagrams
  • Documents or Books
  • Playbooks
  • Roadmaps (for next meeting)
  • Wiki pages (namely on
  • Code
  • Statement or Position (signed by the Working Sessions Participants)
  • Security Review (or an application or API)
  • Lessons Learned

Please add your outcomes to your working session via the session webpage or email them to

4. When should I start defining the outcomes for my working session?

The best way to achieve solid results at the Summit is to start on the working session’s topics and outcomes before the Summit.

Every working session has ‘Outcomes’ listed as a heading, and any working session that doesn’t have one will NOT be added to the main schedule and will not benefit from being part of the Summit participants’ individual daily schedule.

Working materials will also be added to all working sessions, to allow both organisers and participants to consider and contribute draft materials.

5. ** I’m organising a session, and attending several more, can I get help with my outcomes?**

Two technical writers are available to support with your outcomes.

Robert Grace is on-site, and Ann-Marie Grace is available remotely. Contact them on Slack or email with any queries.

6. Is there a deadline for outcomes at the Summit?

All materials must be ready by the end of the day your session takes place. It is best to share outcomes immediately after each session.

  • Appoint someone to note the key takeaways during the session
  • Email the takeaways to or Slack them to #oss19-outcomes
  • There will be an Outcomes corner in the lobby, by the sofa near the bar. It will be manned by Robert during breaks, where you can drop off handwritten pages - the Outcomes team will format and publish them in GitHub
  • We will publish outcomes daily, so it is essential that organisers ensure outcomes are dropped off or emailed, along with back-up photos/slides/pages as soon after your meeting as possible

For reference, all materials need to be released under CC by 4.0 or Apache 2.0 licenses.

7. Can I make changes to the outcomes once they have been published?

Yes. You can edit them yourself or email/Slack edits to the Outcomes Team or Slack them to #oss19-outcomes.