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Summit Slack channel invite link here

The Summit team is here to help you both before and during the Summit.
Please find below some frequently asked questions on how and where you can find help during and before the Summit starts.

How to find help?

Join us on Slack

Get in touch via Slack on os-summit.slack.com workspace.
We have various channels to support the topics that interest you.

  • #oss-general
    This channel is for workspace-wide communication and announcements. All members are in this channel.

  • #oss-helpdesk
    This helpdesk is for participants with general issues regarding the Summit.

  • Tracks and sessions related channels
    We have channels for every track and session. The following legend describes the prefixes of the channels’ names for the tracks and sessions. w = working sessions
    u = user session
    p = product session
    t = track
    Example: the channel name for the working session “Agile Practices for Security Teams” is: #w-agile-prac-sec-team

Go to the venue reception desk

Please go to the registration desk.

Send email message

If you would like to email before or during the event, please contact info@opensecsummit.org.

I need help before the Summit starts

We created dedicated Slack channel #open-security-channel for pre-summit correspondence on owasp.slack.com
Please find details how you can join this channel.

I’m interested in specifics about a session. Who can help me?

We created separate Slack channels for every session. (Join us on Slack)
You can find all those channels monitored by our team, on os-summit.slack.com workspace.
As a shortcut, you can use clue button displayed on every session page, which will redirect you to the Slack channel for the session respectively.